Can now support creators with longer content
Fixed an issue yesterday that briefly made the footer show in the header (oops)
Fixed some issues with ad errors that were causing problems

Fixed a bug that prevented a few of you from using promo codes after multiple typos

Fixed a bug with promo codes. If you tried a code today that should have worked but didn't no worries, you will see the credit in your account soon.

Fixed an incorrect "incorrect password" message that was plaguing some users and content creators when trying to update account information. We can also now handle international zip codes when updating your address.
Fixed an issue where for a brief moment channel links from the left-menu took you to the homepage.
An update.
Security update allows you to use an even more secure password.
Fixed an error affecting the uploading of profile pictures.
Fixed an error that occured when managing your "Watch Later" list.
Improved the user experience of rewards redemption as it relates to certain partners.

Fixed a minor edge-case with linking some rewards accounts.

General stability update.

Improvements to rewards account linking.
FIxed a bug with rewards partner names on the loyalty rewards page.
Fixed a bug with some video links on channel pages.
General stability updates.

Fixed a bug causing email verification re-sends to not be sent.
More forgiving autopausing for when you are scrolling around.
Easier & faster uploading process for video creators.
Improvements to video poster image uploading.
Creators can now upload a profile image to their channel
Added PEDflow, Gain.gg, EntropiaPartners, RandomSatoshi, Looney Cash, Reward XP as a rewards programs!
Added instructions for fixing mute issues on FireFox.
Added a Staff Faves channel.
Improved log out user experience.
Fixed a bug with video published dates.
Updated layout for the channels' homepages.
Fixed calculation of channel views.
the Jet Set channel is now Adventure.
Fixed an issue affecting some video thumbnails.
Updated password requirements.
Improvements to channel names & links on our homepage when video belongs to multiple channels.
Fixed some special characters issues in video titles.
Simplified forgot password form.
Sign up page UI improvements.
Finally... large news items (like this one) are handled in notifications better :)

• Some channels had broken links which have been fixed
• Fixed bug affecting offer wall users redeeming rewards for the second time
• Fixed several videos showing an "invalid format" error
• Fixed email delivery issues, especially to users on hotmail
• “Remember me” option on log in is checked by default now to make logging in easier
• Removed a limitation that capped playlists at 99 items
• Layout of subscriptions page has been fixed
• A few video upload and approval issues were resolved
• Fixed some confusing text on the redemption history and redemption tools
• "Are you still watching" messages are now less frequent for users who clearly are still watching

Fixed laughs channel

Rewards active on this account elsewhere.
This instance of ThePanda still available for browsing.